1 Layer Round Aluminum Based PCB Board

1 Layer Round Aluminum Based PCB Board

PCB Name: 1 layer Round Aluminum based PCB board Hongmy PCB have produced wide range of FR-4 PCB and Aluminum PCB. Regarding to Aluminum based PCB board/MCPCB, here are the main advantages: 1. High thermal conductivity 2. Have excellent flame retardant 3. Electromagnetic shielding characteristic...


Product Description

Aluminum PCB has excellent flame retardant, high mechanical strength, dimensional stability etc. Especially it has very good heat sink, electromagnetic shielding and solder float. And widely used for LED lighting, the modifier, power LED, sound box, acoustics shielding system, and power supply module etc.

It is a kind of metal base copper clad board with good heat dissipation ability.  And the single layer panel is composed of three layers: circuit layer (copper foil), insulating layer and the metal base.  1 Layer  Aluminum Based PCB Board is relatively less expensive than the other two types.

Main Advantages:

1. High thermal conductivity 

2. Have excellent flame retardant

3. Electromagnetic shielding characteristic

4. Excellent heat dissipation

5. Dielectrical Properties

Services and Support

•Customer Services: On line Email/Telephone/EC provides customer 24-hour services;Great pre-sales, sales,after-sales services
•Sample Availability: Sample quotation within three days

•Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions: We guarantee pre-payment.
•Export/Import Processing Support: Our export and import support service are EX-Factory, FOB HK, FOB Shenzhen, FCA HK, FCA Shenzhen and DDU by express
•After Sales Service: For all problems encountered kindly contact us, we will do the after service any time.


Q1:Are you a factory or trade company?

A: Hongmy is a manufacturer of PCB. Specializes in PCB/PCB Board for 15 years till now. 

Q2:What kind of PCB file format can you accept for production?


Q3:Are my PCB files safe when I submit them to you for manufacturing?

A:We respect customer's design and will never manufacture PCB for someone else with your files unless we receive written permission from you, nor we'll share these files with any other 3rd parties.  

Q4:What is your minimum order quantity?

A: We do not have MOQ, any quantity is OK. Depends on your needs.

Any inquiry, pls feel free to contact us.

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